Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Family Tradition - Three generations of Of Wonderful Chefs (Not)

Well I can proudly say that we have handed down from my nana (on mum's side)  a tradition of not being able to cook!  But in saying that we do each have a signature dish.  That one thing that someone made the mistake of saying they liked  and we keep on dishing it up. The running joke when I was much younger and living at home was that if we told mum we liked something the next day a truck would arrive  with a years supply.  

Nan's signature dish is Trifle (Very nice)    Every family gathering ,birthday, anniversary etc.... (except christmas) without fail Nan does the trifle . Even last weekend Nan made the trifle for my Uncle's 60th birthday.  People there that hadn't seen nan for years said "Oh Yes Nana's trifle" Not a bad effort for nan who turned 97 this year. She is fantastic for her age  Nan still loves a good giggle,and  last weekend enjoyed a couple of  glasses of  gin and tonic.

Mum's signature dish is Irish Stew,  (Morning, Noon and Night. Slightly exaggerated)

I make a mean Pasta salad. People make the mistake of repeatedly telling me how nice it is....... and of course I keep making it.
I thought my daughter would break with tradition  and actually learn to cook, but of late my son has shown more promise.  My hubby is a great cook and so was my father.

I bring to you today Our Family Tradition of  buying a handmade Christmas Pudding. I have been for approx. three years wanting to purchase a handmade pudding from Mandi's Kitchen   I have seen them often at the Mornington Craft Market. I have finally purchased one. I also purchased her Brandy Sauce. 

The kids love her stand as they get to taste each of the puddings.   They are happy to buy each one.

Mmmmmm  Can't wait to eat it.   

I am linking to 5 Minutes Just for Me. I will be home for Christmas


Simply Christmas - Inspiration Friday

Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Kelly
    Thanks for visiting me, I've just signed up as a follower on your blog....because I think your blog is great, I'm going back for another catch up on your older posts
    Happy weekend, although a bit wet down here for us

  2. How good does your Nan look for 97! And I would love her trifle recipe. Would she be willing to share it? And I'm always on the look-out for great pasta salad recipes. Is yours in a vault or would you be willing to share???

  3. Your too generous, Hotly Spiced. I see nan on the weekend and I will ask her about the recipe. My salad is really basic. Are you sure you really want it??? Nans recipe is probably very basic, too. I am sure you can improve on them though. (You have lovely recipes)


  4. 97 and still giggling and drinking...Good for her!! I to hate cooking but, have about 3 signature dishes, every holiday, just like you!


  5. Thanks for linking your post to the Simply Christmas inspiration Party at Shabby Art Boutique Kelly.
    Festive hugs ~ Kerryanne