Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Date Night

Hi All,

We actually had our February Date Night in February.  (A Good Start)   As I have previously advised the date night was inspired by  Shannon's Find Joy in The Journey Blog.   I am so glad I found the idea on Pinterest. This date was a surprise for Hubs. The actual date involved setting up a restaurant atmosphere in our home the kids cooked, and waited on the table for us.  We decided to go ahead with the plans on a Saturday when hubs was working.   When he set off for work I told him not to buy anything for dinner.  (Hubby usually cooks on the weekend. He knew something was going on)
Plan is set into action.  Ben prepared Salmon Fillets. (Mostly prepared and cooked by himself)  I helped Madeleine prepare Chicken, Leek and Mushroom pie.  (Inspiration came from the latest Masterchef book) Hubby arrived home.  (He was ushered to the study and ordered not to come in the kitchen)  Hubby sat down at the computer and saw the Salmon Fillet recipe on the computer. Ooops! He now knew what he was having for entree.   Not long after, Ben yells out "Mum I am about to prepare the Lemon Meringue" . Oh well,  there goes the sweet surprise. The kids were then popping in to dad and asking for his advice. (What what wrong with mum's advice????)  

I told hubby to go and change his shirt ready for dinner and to wait until I had changed.  He changed but didn't wait for me.  The idea was for hubby and I to walk out together and be seated at the table.  (He didn't know the table had been set for two)   We had a fabulous meal.  The kids served our meal, poured our wine  and cleared our table.  The kids had as much fun as we did. If you are wondering, the kids did get to eat. They ate on a dining table in another room.

Can't wait for the next date.   Our dates won't all be with the kids!!!   

I am linking with up with A Bowl Full of Lemons and A little Bit of Sunshine's Dinner at Eight  The Dinner at Eight Linky is about Date Nights at home after the kids have gone to bed.  My kids are a bit older , but it is good to share ideas, anyway.

Check out further photos below.

Preparing the Salmon

Salmon Entree

Pie Cooking

Pie Cooking

Preparing Lemons

Meringue almost complete

The table


Sunday, February 19, 2012

January Date Night!!!

In a previous post (here)  I wrote about my Christmas gift to my husband. I presented him with a gift bag of 12 dates.  (The fabulous idea was from Shannon's  Find the joy in the journey blog)   The dates are opened at the beginning of each month.  The January date, was a beach picnic.  There are several flaws with this date.

1. The kids were with us (It was a really hot day and I felt sorry for the kids)
2.  What happened to Romance?  Should I not be gazing romantically into hubby's eyes. No I am just making sure the photographer is getting the photo. (above)

3. The beach wasn't secluded.  
4. Lucky we didn't know that dogs were allowed on this portion of the beach (on a lead) otherwise he would have come with us too. 
5. The January date was in February.

We did however have a great picnic on the beach.    I hope the next date goes well!

Hubby has opened his next date envelope. The letter read that February's date is a surprise.

Have a great week


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts & Chocolate

The family and I enjoyed the above Chocolate Fondue 

The family and I enjoyed a Chocolate Fondue for Valentine's day. Happy Valentines day to all.  I am joining Natasha at 5 Minutes Just for Me for her weekly Pinterest Party.  I am also linking up to Poutpourri Friday at 2805

Have a great week.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Get back on the horse.........

Happy New Week.

I have heard that Google friend connect will be removed from all Non Google blogs. I have added a linky for my followers to reconnect.  Please link as I would hate to lose any connections.

Do you like the photo of me on a horse?  I haven't had a photo like this for 15 years. That was the last time I rode on a horse.(Our honeymoon)  When we were away recently , my daughter had been promised a horse ride.  My Son, daughter, daughter's friend and I went on a trail ride. It was a first ride for all three children. They had a great time. They listened patiently and followed all instructions.  My horse decided that it was best to canter and not trot.  Off I went,......... On to my padded bottom.  I tell you it isn't easy, 15 years older, to ride and then to fall offf....... I think it will be more that 15 years before I get on to a horsey again.    I carried the reminder of the fall around for about a week.  I am sure I will be reminded again and again by hubby and my children.

I have just realised that Blogger is a google connect blog. Oh Well I have two places for followers to join.

Have a great week


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Renewed and Ready for the new year

I love having a break with the family...................

The kids are back at school and hubby is back at work.  A break with the family means that I feel all refreshed and hope to get back into the full swing of things. We went for a holiday to a place call Merimbula. Merimbula is situated on the South Coast of New South Wales. We took our van and stayed at Beach Caravan Merimbula Park. We went with another family and met up with some more friends up there.  A great time was had by all.   I have a few more photos to share with you.

We stayed in Merimbula for two weeks and then stopped at Lakes Entrance for three nights. During our stay at Lakes we went for a drive to Marlo. I have visited the Lakes Entrance area for many years but have not been to Marlo.  It is really lovely. Have a look at the photos below.  

Have a great week.


Pool at the park. Photo taken very early in the morning. 

Middle Beach , Merimbula

Footprints in the sand, 

Looking towards Bar Beach, Merimbula 

Mitchies Jetty, Merimbula
Seagull, ready to dive for the scraps of fish thrown from a fishing Charter boat.


Enjoying the pool

Sunrise at Merimbula. View from the van
 Lemon Lovers Tart. I enjoyed on our pleasant Wine Cruise to Wyunga Park Winery
 Marlo,  Where the Snowy River meets the ocean

Sunset , Lakes