Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bake Until Your Tart is content!!

Good afternoon,

I have put a little spin on my blog name on this post. I spend more time on my Facebook Page than I do here.  The day is dull and overcast.....  I made a strawberry tart on the weekend.  Those that know me ..... know that I am not one for cooking.   I do however enjoy taking photos of food...............

In order to take photos of food one must cook something!!  So, who knows, this might open up a whole new world for me.  I might actually enjoy cooking. I must say that I did enjoy bringing  this dessert together.  I had to make a card for my friends birthday and I needed some more food photos. I also have to surprise my family by making something that they enjoy!!!

I made the strawberry tart, took a photo of it and made a card for my friend.  The kids enjoyed the dessert, but they did mention that the pastry needed some more TLC!!  

So Now that I have made this, I have no excuse not  to make some more.

I found the basic tart shell recipe here .   

I am linking to Stonegable  On the Menu Monday

Wish me luck

Have a great week.


My Friend's Card

Ready to Eat