Sunday, November 13, 2011

Advent Calendar

Hi Everybody,

It's now getting to that time of year again.  I have been following Pinterest for awhile and have been inspired by Kimberley Peterson's Advent calendar. It is a very popular pin on Pinterest.  I will be sharing this post with Shabby Boutique's Simply Christmas event. I was inspired last year by Kerryanne's Simply Christmas to start the Advent Calendar. There are four of us in the family and each of us will have 6 activities to take care of. The activities will be kept secret from each other and NO PEEKING before the date.  I will start off  decorating the tree on Dec 1st.....  The family loved doing this last year and look very forward to this years activities.  The examples of activities we did last year were,  Having breakfast together (on a weekday ), Barefoot bowling, Go out looking at Christmas lights, etc........ If you haven't visited Pinterest before then take a look here.  It is very addictive. It is a virtual pinboard , and pinners pin their favourite ideas, images , etc to their own pinboard. There are so many great ideas.  My Christmas board is here for you to take a look at.  I have use alot of leftover christmas paper and stickers. I have sourced the words from a printable pin. I have tried to look for the source tonight and have been unable to find where I obtained it from. I will add it here when I find it. It was from Pinterest.

How I put the Advent together.

Gathering Tools and Supplies
1. Fiskars cutting tool
2.  Tag Maker
3.  Circle Maker
4.  Creative Memories cutting board
5. Hole Punch
6. Two pieces of  12 x 12 cardstock paper
7. Other scraps of cardstock.  (Colours that compliment your 12 x12)
8. Double sided tape
9. Ribbon  (That will fit through your hole punched holes)
10 Letters & Number stickers
11 Christmas Embellishments to your liking.

I cut the scraps of cardstock 2 by 3 inches. I used this measurement so I could fit all 24 pockets in.

Use double sided tape on 3 sides of your pocket.  My pockets are only able to accommodate the tag.

Using the tag maker , punch 24 tags.  The tag is actually too wide for the pocket. I then use the Fiskars cutter to crop the tags down to the right size.

Embellish the pockets to suit your own taste. Also use the hole punch to punch out some circles. I have numbered each circle accordingly.

Using the ribbon tie each of the cardstock pieces together. Tie ribbon to the top hole.
 (to allow you to hang the calendar)  Don't forget to tie ribbon to each individual tag. 

Hope this has helped


  1. Your advent calendar looks wonderful. It would be nice if you could explain a bit more in detail as I am a total novice in this field.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Martha. I will edit post a bit later and put details in about how it was put together

  3. Kelly I'm delighted to see you're back in the creative mood :) The is a fab advent calendar! So much work you put into all the details! love it :)

  4. What a wonderful thing for a family to do! Oh ya, they are going to have to start a Pinterest Anonymous group for all of us addicted people!


  5. It's gorgeous!
    I guess it's a lot of work behind this:)
    I'm so glad you're back.
    Have a lovely day, hugs:)

  6. Kelly, thanks for your comment on my blog! I just scrolled through your pages and i absolutely love your cards! How creative you are!
    Greetings from your newest follower :)

  7. HI Kelly, I've just become hooked on Pinterest, I have to be physically dragged away from my computer to feed the family. Boy are they are pain, always wanting to eat. Love your blog BTW and I really want to give this Advent Calendar a try. TFS the tut. Now following you on the Pin and this here blog. Take care and will visit again soon.

  8. That is a fantastic advent calendar. Well done! I also like to make a lot of things for Christmas but more in the kitchen and less in the craft room. Wish I had your skills!

  9. oooo loving that calander. I can so relate to Pinterest - I am a complete addict :) xx