Sunday, February 12, 2012

Get back on the horse.........

Happy New Week.

I have heard that Google friend connect will be removed from all Non Google blogs. I have added a linky for my followers to reconnect.  Please link as I would hate to lose any connections.

Do you like the photo of me on a horse?  I haven't had a photo like this for 15 years. That was the last time I rode on a horse.(Our honeymoon)  When we were away recently , my daughter had been promised a horse ride.  My Son, daughter, daughter's friend and I went on a trail ride. It was a first ride for all three children. They had a great time. They listened patiently and followed all instructions.  My horse decided that it was best to canter and not trot.  Off I went,......... On to my padded bottom.  I tell you it isn't easy, 15 years older, to ride and then to fall offf....... I think it will be more that 15 years before I get on to a horsey again.    I carried the reminder of the fall around for about a week.  I am sure I will be reminded again and again by hubby and my children.

I have just realised that Blogger is a google connect blog. Oh Well I have two places for followers to join.

Have a great week



  1. LOL I have had the same experience..nope never did get on a horse again..and can`t see me doing it now LOL

  2. Well you look quite spiffy up on that horse Kelly ...the fall not so good! Ive taken a few of those as well.