Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's May Already

It's May Already....

The year is passing by very quickly.  Sorry I have not posted for a while. I have presently lost the passion for craft and cards.  I probably should change the name of my blog. 'Craft Until Your Art's Content' , but I am hoping that passion will return. I also really like the name of the blog, and the play on words.  I do, however still love taking photos.  I will try and visit the blog more often and try to re-ignite the passion for craft.  So I hope to return with more photos, family adventures and date nights.  In the meantime I will stop and smell the Coffee? Roses? Chocolate?  -  This time  Cupcakes.  We enjoyed an afternoon tea of Cupcakes on Sunday

The recipe for White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes can be found  here. We didn't use any food colouring for the White Chocolate Ganache. We topped with strawberries and Pomegranates.  They were really yummy, and hoping to make more very soon. 

I will try and visit the blogs that I usually catch up with  during the week. 

Have a great week. (Hope Mother's day is wonderful for you. If celebrating in your part of the world)



  1. Welcome back! Those cupcakes look great!! I know you will get your mojo back, sometimes you just need a break!


  2. Oh girly...your love for crafting will return. We all need a break sometimes. I know I have!!!! LOVE YOUR NAME!

    Blessings to you Kelly~


  3. These look delicious I will have to try them out. I know what you mean about losing motivation. I am very hot and cold when it comes to being creative. I find the same with blogging, I think it is actually very healthy, provides good balance in life!!!!!