Friday, April 29, 2011

Something Pink

Hi to all.

Hope that you had a fantastic Easter.  I have been enjoying watching the Royal Wedding this evening on television and hope to watch a bit more soon. I am posting tonight a few pink things tonight.  I am linking to "A Rosy Note" blog for her  Photo Feature Friday. 

Enjoyed some yummy cupcakes at a friend's place last week, topped off with pink icing.

Have a lovely evening

Thanks for all your wonderful comments


  1. I'm having internet issues today so I don't know if my comment was posted. I just said the cupcakes look yummy and I love how you made the frames. Very creative!

  2. Oh I could go for a cupcake now! Thanks for sharing your post at my party :)


  3. Thanks for the comments.


  4. Kelly such a yummy collection of color and texture!! Hope you have a great day. :)