Friday, January 6, 2012

Time to have a break........ Paw of Approval

Just Posting to let you know

That I am taking a short blogging break.

Thanks to all my lovely followers and

everyone's comments.

I have really enjoyed blogging again over christmas and look forward to future posts.

The above water colour painting was made by my daughter.

I have featured a few of my son's desserts,

so I thought I would share her beach scene.

If you look closely you may just see some damage to it.   Unfortunately the dog was giving his paw of 

approval and stood on it.

Actually on looking close at it again , I think the damage is well comouflaged.

See you soon 


Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year Relaxing

Good Morning,

We spent the New Years weekend relaxing.......  mmmm the tranquility.  How was your New Year.  We stayed at one place New Years Eve and then went to my in laws. A lovely relaxing weekend.  Love the caravan. Love the whole concept of camping.

I am linking to Potpourri Friday at 2805.  (The budgie has just landed on my head whilst typing. Keeping the back straight whilst balancing the bird on my head)

Happy New Year

Bye Bye Christmas tree

Time to bring down the Christmas tree. (Sob Sob)  I try to make the taking down of the tree fun.  Each year we play the Christmas music quite loud and dance around. We wear all the tinsel we can and dance around the house to "Jingle Bell Rock"  Last year I just barely managed to get both the kids to dance and prance around the house.  I was unable to convince my son  to dance.  (He had the job of taking the video)  The breaking down of a tradition. Oh Well , I suppose he is a teenager . We will have to think of something else next year.

Happy New Year


My daughter made this ornament when she was at kinder.