Friday, May 27, 2011

The last of the roses

This post according to my stats had the most views in 2011. I haven't done much posting this year. I have felt the inspiration only recently to start posting again. (Christmas has a lot to do with that) I will be linking up to 2805 Postpourri Friday and French Country Cottage (Feathered Nest Friday)

Once again, Happy New Year  


Hi Everyone,

I am posting to A Rosy Note today for Photo Feature Friday.   I am featuring the last of our roses until they get the chop ready for winter.  I must get more roses. We don't have many.  We don't have much of a garden........  I think of so many things I would like in the garden. I have also seen many things I would like. It's just a matter of starting. Being the non gardener that I am I don't know where to start.Perhaps one day..............  It is also worth mentioning that A Rosy Note is having a giveaway.  You really need to see all the beautiful photos over there.

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Masterchef Masagne

Lasagne Ingredients

Hi Everyone,

My daughter had a  "Masterchef Challenge" at her school last week.  Her challenge was a main course meal. My daughter decided  (with the help of dad) to make a Lasagne. She renamed it "Maddie's Masagne".   The end result was really tasty. There were some fantastic dishes served up at her school and I have included some of those photos.

Finished Product

 Plated Up
 Doesn't this look fabulous
 These were yummy
 Drinks were also part of the challenge
A Bruschetta/Garlic bread.  Looks yummy

There were lots more I could show you.

Have a good day.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hi Everyone,

I don't have anything crafty for you this week. I am however supposed to be making a card for my mum's birthday.  I am posting to A Rosy Note this week. The Theme for  Photo Feature Friday is "White".  I am experimenting with my camera and love having themes to attempt.  There are lots of good ideas from all who post to A Rosy Note including Tricia the Party Host.   I couldn't make up my mind which pics to use, so I thought that I would just post them all. The fun part is photographing all the different scenarios to adapt the theme.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Don't you just looove Mother's Day.   I made a card for my mum and mil  (same) for mother's day.

The card was made using the following.

Paper.     Chocolate Chip , Papermania  Capsule Collection Heather Paper Pack.
Lace        Lace purchased from local craft store
Flowers   Local Craft Store
Brooch    This is actually an earring that I purchased from a second hand store.
Image       I have this in a vintage image folder. I am sorry I don't from where. It was from one of the vintage image sites. I usually like to link to that site.

My son and daughter actually used their own money for the first time to each buy me a mother's day present. My son bought me a box of choccies and a magazine. I opened the card from my son to find two five dollars notes stuck to the inside.  A little message on the card said "This is to put towards the caravan"  We have just recently purchased a van and had been talking about tightening the budget.  It's the little things like these that remind me about the joy of being a mum.  My son then proceeded to tell me how much everything was.  (I had a little giggle to myself) 

We travelled down to my mil's place for the weekend. They live on an island and to get there we catch a ferry. On one trip to the other side the ferry driver presented all mother's with a lovely long stem rose. A very nice gesture. I will be posting to A Rosy Note blog for her Photo Feature Friday. Her theme  this week is Spring. We are in Autumn here. The colour of the rose is a nice autumn tone.