Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Wishes

I have been only blogging a short time, but have really enjoyed it.  I want to extend warm wishes to my blogging followers and  friends. 

I would love to experience a White Christmas.   We have a temp. of approximately 26 degrees celsius for Christmas Day.  Not too hot , but still able to consume all the traditional Christmas Fare.

Now must be off, more preparation , and then some relaxing before the anticipated arrival of the man in the big red suit.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chocolate Royal Mini Puds!!

Afternoon everybody,

I have been following  Kerry-Anne's "Simply Christmas"  at Shabby Art Boutique.  I really like her idea of Advent Bags. (As read in her post Do you promise not to peek?)  The idea is to have 24 bags made up and opened every day.   So this year we have tried it, and it has been a real hit.  (We have all loved it!)  We all have the chance to think of six activities each and place them in the bags.  (We keep it secret until the day or night before.) Today my daughter's idea was to have breakfast all seated together. With hubby off to work early and kids usually out of bed later we never sit down to breakfast on a weekday.  Dad declared bacon and eggs!!!  We were all up bright and early and all able to sit down to breakfast together. Another example was Barefoot bowling and a bbq. (Outdoor lawn bowling) The kids loved this. A couple of nights ago we made the Chocolate Royal Mini Puds that were on Kerry-Anne's blog.  Find the post here   Our Puds need a bit more TLC in preparation!!  Not to worry we will try and make these again tonight.  Making these puds, and Truffles (Also from Kerry-Anne's Blog) were an activity from our advent bags.

Thanks Kerry-Anne for a fantastic idea.

Have a good day


P.s Added this photo in tonight. Our 2nd attempt at Choc. Royal Puds. The presentation looks a wee bit better.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WOYWW "Christmas is Coming"

Well here we are once again!

For those that don't Know , Julia hosts What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday".  It's fantastic to see what everyone else is up to within their craft rooms.   (I will be linking to Julia's blog , when it is Wednesday for her and Thursday for me)

The star of today is "Shadow" the dog.  I always try and make a funny christmas card photo to go with my christmas cards.   Last year I was so fed up with my cards that I didn't send any.  So........ this year I decided to keep them Simple.  So here they are.  We love our Lab , "Shadow"   AKA Shads, Shadmeister,   Shaddles  and Boof.  Thanks for being part of our Christmas project this year "Shadow"

Have a fantastic week.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks Shirl

Good Evening Everyone

I am very excited to have received a "Stylish Blogger Award" from the lovely Shirl at "Shirls Card". Thanks Shirl, it is very much appreciated.

Part of receiving this award is .......

Thanking the lovely person who awarded this to me...

Share 8 things about myself.

1.  When I make a friend  they are usually keepers. I am very loyal and I hate losing touch. (I know that life circumstances change and we do grow apart from some of our friends)

2.  My married name is "Smith". My mother's maiden name was "Smith".  Mum always laughs because she was happy to be married and change her name from "Smith"  Consequently there are many "Smiths" in our family.

3. I met my husband on a blind date.  (One of the partners in crime that introduced us secretly spied on us , on our first date)

4. My hubby does most of the cooking. I am not very creative in the culinary field.

5. I love family history.

6 I am very shy and  it takes a while to let my guard down.

7. I have two cousins (boy & girl siblings) who have a very rare fatal disease. Approx. 500 people are affected in the world.  They have an adult onset of Niemanns Pick disease. I have listed the foundation blog on my sidebar if you are interested in reading further about this.

8. I love reading true stories. (Autobiographies ... etc...)

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3. Davi    at  "Alstromerias Artistry"
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5. Kelly Smith at "Little K Smith"   ( A lovely lady with the same name as me!)
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